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Gents Clothing Sourcing in UK

Clothing Sourcing in UK and around the world are sourced by CRS Business. We are a dynamic garments buying house, specialist in Clothing Sourcing and Clothing Wholesale for business throughout the UK and Europe.

We delivers a complete turnkey solution for your entire clothing manufacturing, sourcing, wholesale and supplying needs.

We enable you to select and order your goods here in the UK, saving you the time and expense of travelling to the country of manufacture, while avoiding problems resulting from communication or cultural barriers.

At the same time we negotiate a price with the clothes wholesalers on your behalf that is lower than (or at least matches) what you would have paid locally. CRS Business enables a smoother and economical way to buy wholesale clothing in UK.

CRS Business is one of the leading gents and ladies clothing manufacturer and Clothing Sourcing in UK with competitive pricing. If there are any specific garments product we don’t have that you need we will be able to find a suitable clothing manufacturer.

There simply is no faster, easier and more profitable way of doing business with asian manufacturers...
CRS Business is a fast growing garments buying house in UK, services include product development, production management, consultation, quality assurance, market intelligence, legislative compliance and logistical support services, bringing together a wealth of expertise and experience all under one roof. Due to our unique ability to provide quality garments product, fast service, and competitive pricing we are constantly dealing with number of clothing wholesalers.
Your complete one-stop solution for garment sourcing - at unbeatable prices:
  • Clothing Suppliers UK
  • UK Clothing Manufacturer
  • Garments manufacturers in Bangladesh, India, Vietnam and China
  • Clothing Manufacturer
  • Clothing Sourcing
  • Clothing Wholesale
  • UK Clothing Suppliers
  • Garments Manufacturer and Sourcing
  • Garments and Textile Wholesale
  • Garments and Textile Sourcing
  • Garments and Textile Suppliers
  • Clothing Wholesale and Supplier
  • Textile Manufacturer and Sourcing
  • Bespoke production – complete garment ranges designed and customised to your exact requirements
  • Iconic British and European brands
  • Sourcing and purchase of clearance stocks made for UK high street stores
  • End of season lines, excess stocks and cancelled orders of ready-made Garments Wholesale
Ladies Clothing Sourcing in UK
Working with both buyers and sellers, we operate as an extension of your business, taking care of everything from design and procurement through to production and delivery. Our strong links with clothing manufacturer in UK and garments suppliers across South-East Asia enable us to work to highly competitive margins, and as a clothing importers, we pride ourselves on offering our customers the best prices in the marketplace.

To contact us for a quote, please Contact CRS Business | email: